For a number of years there have been questions regarding Moducare, suggesting that it is not appropriate for felines because of the alleged quantity of simple carbohydrate used as an anti caking agent, etc., so I am hoping to spend time providing a good list of reference material for those who have a sincere interest in using available resources for their companion animals. Some of the reference material will relate to AIDS studies as our own collection has been focused upon our dear FIV+ boy, Legolas. However, we are finding that Moducare does a very good job of maintaining our diabetic, Hamlet, who also suffered from asthma, previous to using this product. Moducare appears to be keeping this in check so that we don't need to resort to inhaled steroids, which would concern us more, as the residue from the steroids has to go somewhere, and so far there are no good scientific answers we find acceptable. You will notice that the company has a few studies listed at their site attached to the hypertext above.

One of the most comprehensive lists of abstracts and studies that I have run across is put out by Big Five Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company (Pty) Ltd.  **Note, this site seems to be down.  While hunting to reconnect I am finding that South Africa is developing a protectionism because some of their products have been patented by foreigners without benefit to the natives originally providing the use.  There are a number of papers cited on the actual Moducare site that I haven't yet rechecked but previously they were similar to the "Big Five" papers.

A good site with general information on the use of Moducare, including recommended dosage, and the need to use without animal fats is The Analyst site.

The use of these specific phytosterols in animals is discussed in VETERINARY CLINICS OF NORTH AMERICA: SMALL ANIMAL PRACTICE Volume 34, Issue 1: Nutraceuticals and Other Biologic Therapies References to research are found at such sources as PubMed: Modulation of immune response through nutraceutical interventions: implications for canine and feline health.

April 21, 2009

Recently I have had more opportunity to research subjects close to Moducare use and have run across the following information around its use in cats:
CONCLUSIONS: The results confirm the correlation between apoptosis and the other parameters noted during the previous study and allows a comparison with FIV- cats. Spontaneous CD4+ apoptosis possibly protects the FIV+ cat by reducing the number of virus producing cells. This phenomenon was enhanced in the group treated with the immune modulator.